Blue Light Blocking Glasses

UV 400 protection

We're all spending more time than ever in front of laptops, phones and tv, and the blue light radiating from screens can cause eye strain and disrupt sleep. As multi-tasking hustlers, we need our sleep! Our limited-edition blue light blocking glasses provide UV 400 protection to block out 99% of blue light.

With universally-flattering blush frames and clear lenses, our new look on Zoom-life is (literally) through rose-colored glasses. How's that for instant optimism?

Comes with an Iris&Romeo white microfiber pouch that doubles as a glasses cleaner.

TIP: Pair with blue-light blocking Best Skin Days for an all-in-one blue light solution.

Shade: Rosewater

Unisex Blue Light Protection Eyeglasses 
Frame: Translucent Rose
Lens: Clear Blue Light 
Fit/Size: Universal 
Set contains: eyeglasses + pouch

  • UV 400 protection = blocks 99% of UVA/UVB light
  • UV protection is built into the lens and will not degrade over time
  • Additional blue light protection benefit: Researchers agree that blue light from LED devices like your smartphone/laptop holds back the body’s production of sleep-inducing melatonin (*WEBMD source). The practice of wearing protective eyewear while on LED devices before bedtime in some cases has been shown to help improve sleep.

Shade: Rosewater