Need a Mini-Weekend Right Now? Just Press Play.

Need a Mini-Weekend Right Now? Just Press Play.

Sometimes getting into the weekend spirit can be a bit challenging (especially on say, a random Wednesday). That’s why a weekend playlist is so essential. Similar to how a swipe of Weekend Skin makes you feel ready for the day, putting on the right music can set the entire vibe for what happens next. 

Since we’re all about making your life easier, we asked model/DJ/business woman Mei Kwok to put together a Weekend Skin-inspired playlist. She’s one of the coolest people we know, which means it’s going to be straight-up bops from start to finish. 

Get to know Mei a little better, then give her playlist a listen

Meet Mei Kwok

I describe my work as...Sometimes chaotic, but the utmost gratifying. I am an extremely hard worker and have my hands in a lot of buckets, but I prefer it that way. But I also know when I need rest to reset myself. I guess I am maturing!

When I'm feeling uninspired, I turn to... Mother nature, the ocean, and surfing.

My perfect weekend looks like... Sunny and in the 70s—a typical LA weekend. I’d do dinner and dancing with friends on Friday night, then spend all day Saturday at San Onofre surfing. Then on Sunday, I’d chill at home, relaxing in my little oasis. 

I don't leave the house without...My iphone. 

To me, "Weekend Skin" means...Glowy and happy!

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