Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Iris&Romeo is committed to sustainability and eliminating plastic waste.


Our goal at Iris&Romeo is to make you feel good inside and out. And our sustainability efforts are a big part of that. The beauty industry is one of the biggest plastic polluters, and we’re deeply committed to NOT contributing to that.

The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year. This is something we cannot be a part of, and it's a huge challenge for a small brand like ours with limited resources. It's something Iris&Romeo is extremely committed to.

Earth-Friendly Packaging
For our jars, we use glass, a material that can be continuously recycled. Our outer boxes are FSC certified 100% post consumer recycled paper. Our caps are 100% recyclable.We have intentionally not launched products where we cannot find a sustainable solution that does not contribute to plastic waste.

Reef-Friendly Sunscreen
In addition, 14,000 tons of chemical sunscreen collect in the world’s reefs each year. That’s just a fraction of the chemical waste from the beauty industry that’s washed out to the ocean, but it’s proving thus far to be the most dangerous killing our ocean's coral reef, plankton, and small fish. Iris&Romeo uses non-nano mineral sunscreen in the form of zinc oxide. It's a natural sunscreen that is coral reef and plankton/ocean friendly.

Waste Reduction with All-In-Ones We combined the best of science and the best of nature for clinical-level results, to create clean all-in-one skincare + makeup hybrids. Our products are truly multiple products in one, decluttering your shelf, and also reducing the amount of ‘empties’ tossed into the trash after use.

We are committed to the continued improvement of our carbon and waste footprint through innovative packaging, like post-consumer recycled plastics, best-in-class sustainable packaging and materials, and earth-friendly ingredients.

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