And Iris&Romeo was born

After two decades in the beauty industry, I was burned out.
I left Los Angeles with my horse Romeo and headed north to
Sonoma County to live with a herd of free-roaming horses.

Being in nature provided a sanctuary of self-care
that transformed my life. It gave me the space to ask myself,
“What's really essential?” for our skin, our self, and the planet.


We believe in a pared-back, minimalist approach to beauty. Modern essentials that help you edit your life to make room for living.


Iris&Romeo was brought into the world thoughtfully, consciously, and beautifully. Designed to prioritize your health and well-being, both in beauty and in mind..

Our tinted skincare essentials start life as serum-strength skincare at clinical-level concentrations. And we add in beautiful, natural tints for that effortless bare-faced beauty we all want..

Our clean formulas blend the best plant-based ingredients with proven safe synthetics to improve your skin's wellness with every wear. We've banned 2700+ ingredients deemed unsafe and everything comes in planet-friendly packaging to help you consume less and live more. .

Less makeup. More you.