#EvolutionaryWoman: Fernanda Romero

#EvolutionaryWoman: Fernanda Romero

Whether you’re single AF, in a 20+ year commitment (or anything in-between!) we know the real love story is the one you have with yourself. We sat down with actress & entrepreneur Fernanda Romero to talk all things self love and give this Valentine’s Day a whole new meaning.

NAME: Fernanda Romero

TITLE: Actress & CEO of Vita Parfum

Hi, Fernanda! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your journey to self love?

I’ve been through a lot of life experiences – negative and positive – that have really allowed for a lot of growth. Through that I’ve learned that honoring your soul, being tender to yourself and really following your dreams is the best way to show yourself love.

And why is the concept of self love so important to you?

I like to think that self love is the automatic door to happiness. When you start with yourself – really showing up for yourself – everything around you changes. The possibilities are infinite and anything is always possible. It's your choice to either play the victim or take control of your life. I’ve learned that you can keep letting the external environment change you or you can be in the driver’s seat, so staying true to yourself, your goals and your vision is so important.

How do you show up for yourself?

Meditating, writing down my goals and getting clear about what I want and focusing on the things that bring me joy / make me happy.

How do you use beauty to practice self love?

I love natural beauty and embracing my inner shine so brands like Iris&Romeo and Vita that really focus on YOU align very well with my lifestyle and values. Plus they enhance natural beauty in every sense.

What advice would you give to anyone who struggles with truly loving themselves?

The first step is to cut out any beliefs you inherited – from your parents, society, anywhere really – and sit down with yourself. Think about what you love and what you want to believe and achieve. What’s important to you. What matters to you. What you value. Once you get clear about that you can start taking action. Make a list of goals for yourself every day – eventually they become habits and then one day your entire life is different. But the secret to making it work is to really believe in yourself and be gentle with your soul.

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